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My name is Peter Vejrum Terp, for some reason or another you found my personal homepage. The site contains information about my experiences, education and other stuff about me.

I am 45 years old man, I have a lovely wife “Lise Kryger” and the greatest kid on earth called “Sebastian. We live in Skæring, Egå near Århus in Denmark – it’s a wonderful place very near the sea.

Some personal characters of mine would be problem-solving, and idea development. I really enjoy doing both, and that’s not just in my professional life. I have a good sense of humour and think life should be lived forward, not backwards.

In my professional life, I work at Aarhus University as a development specialist and I run two companies, “Backpacker Planet I/S” which I run with two friends and “Stærke Sider” which I run with my wife. I have been a web and database developer since 1999 and has a good portion of programming and Internet business knowledge.

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