SEO Lecturing

Company: Aarhus University
Years: March 2019 –
Description: Lecture on search engine optimization for web editors at Aarhus University


Developer / Marketing

Company: Slipangsten.dk
Years: January 2019 
Description: Developer, marketing and lots of other stuff on slipangsten.dk 


Company: Aarhus University
Years: August 2017 –
Description: Developer on the university portal mit.au.dk. The portals purpose of the portal is to have an environment where students and administrative persons can handle different tasks. Programming is mainly in ColdFusion, JavaScript, React, CSS and other web technologies.


Self Employed

Company: Stærke Sider
Years: January 2016 – August 2017
Description: January 2016 I took a chance and started a life as 100% self-employed. I offer help for WordPress websites, development help and help for online marketing.

I have been developing WP Plugins, created webshops, websites, helped with WordPress maintenance, advice about online marketing and even been a project manager for a team in the Philippines.

What my customers say about my work.


Company: Aarhus University
Years: March 2015 – December 2015
Description: Developer on the university portal mit.au.dk. The portals purpose of the portal is to have an environment where students and administrative persons can handle different tasks.

An example of a minor project I have been working on is an import system for holiday payments. The system gets data in Excel format which needs to be converted to useful data in an Oracle Database.

At the university I worked in the following technologies:
Cold Fusion (CFML), XHTML, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, HTML5 and in Oracle Database.

Besides the programming it is worth mentioning that SCRUM was a part of the daily work.

Development specialist / Online Marketing

Company: Travelmarket A/S
Years: 2000 – 2015
Description: Development specialist, and technical project manager at Travelmarket in the main countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and also on the US, UK, DE, ES, PT, FR, MX, IT markets.

Developing new ideas, SEO, AdWords, Mobile, Making sure that the programming is done and much more is my working day.

I’ve been working with the following technologies:
Cold Fusion (CFML), NET C#, XHTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS (also CSS3), HTML5

Besides the programming, I primarily work with MS SQL Server where I use a lot of time creating complex SQL.
My experience also goes for Oracle (have been working on Oracle some years ago), and on MySQL which I work on a few times a month.

In the daily work I also spend time on project management. For that purpose, I’ve used OnTime as a tool. For good project management in a fast developing industry, you need to have experts to help and inspire. Therefore we/I regularly had some of the best consultants in Denmark in the house as a guide for taking the right decisions.

I have and been working on SEO, Usability, Online Marketing, Business development (gaining better profit, for example better conversion rates) and idea development. Maybe a correct title would be Development Specialist / Internal Consultant. The last 2 years I spend most of the time on ELOQUA (Marketing Automation Tool).

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Founder of Free Range Travellers & Eventyrsstyrelsen

Years: 2015 – ?
Description: I love blogging and I love travelling, therefore I have started two blogs with my wife.
Eventyrsstyrelsen.dk is a Danish travelblog that we started in 2015. In 2016 we started an english version of our blog – this version is called Free Range Travellers. On both blogs we blog about our trips around the world, where we travel as a small family.

Founder of Stærke Sider

Years : 2014- ?
Description: This is a business where I sell consulting and programming. I run the company with Lise Kryger and our main focus is WordPress and consulting but other web page projects also spire from here. At Stærke Sider my main function is a technical consultant, where I consult about the company’s digital presence. You can read much more about what I offer and read blog posts on our web page Stærke Sider

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Founder of Spotnaked.com

Years : 2012- 2018
Description: This is a blog where I write about naturism and travelling as a naturist. The main purpose is to guide, set focus on nude living and to share my own experience as a naturist. The website also functions as a search engine for naturists..

You find my blog Spotnaked.com here

Founder of Backpacker Planet I/S

Years : 2003- ?
Description: This is the second homepage about backpacking, most of the ideas was the same as on Backpackers Online, but the code below is a complete makeover. The purpose of the page was making a social media for backpackers. In 2008 the homepage was nominated as the best web2.0 page in Denmark, unfortunately, we didn’t win. Again all programming, databases and others were made by me, I was also behind a great part of the design, ideas and content.Info: The page is written in the programming language ASP and the database is MS SQL Server. The BackpackerPlanet.com page has just been released in a new form using the Open Source CMS system WordPress. 

Read more details about project experiences at Backpackerplanet

Founder of Backpackers-Online.dk

Years : 1999 – ?
Description: My first homepage about backpacking, founded with two great friends. I made all the programming including HTML, CSS, ASP, Database and others, I was also behind a great part of the design and ideas. The homepage still exists – the existing pages are made with WordPress. 

Computer builder

Company: Datagrossisten
Years: 1993 – 1998
Description: Mainly I was building computers, though I also was worked with test of computers  and at the storage

Handicap helper

CompanyBrian Terp and others
Years: 1990 – 1998
Description: I have been working as a helper for disabled persons with muscular dystrophy both as a paid helper and as a voluntary helper.


Company: Dansk Laboratorie Elektronik
Years: 1989 – 1991
Description: I worked with production of equipment, typically it was soldering electronics.

Other jobs

I have also been a “Strawberry picker”, “Paperboy” and on a factory which produced beds.

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