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Many people shoots a lot of pictures, many of these pictures is actually really good. You can actually earn money on the best of the pictures, but don’t expect it will come easy, and don’t expect that you will be rich within a moment. But what YOU can make is a way to get passive income. It will require some effort in the beginning, but the harder you work in the beginning the more you will gain in the future. Here are some solutions.

Solution 1 – Stock Photos

The most popular and most famous of photosites where you can buy photos is probably iStockPhotos they have a lot of pictures and of high quality. The prices is actually also pretty high, which makes it s a pretty good place to have your pictures.

The basic idea of all those sites is that you upload a lot of pictures to their site and they sell the pictures for you. The pictures is in digital format and can therefore be sold many times. You will typically get 15% of the sales price.

Here is an example on how it will work at iStockPhotos

  • Sign up here remember to post your very best pictures in the signup process, because they will evaluate if your are good enough for them.
  • When they have agreed on that you can be a contributer then the action starts.
  • You now need to add a lot of pictures as many as possible everyday, if you want to live of it you might need to add as many as 100 a day for a year. BUT you can of course start with less.
  • You can increase the performance of the sales by being smart, here is an advice:
    • Put 50-100 pictures of very different kind up to iStockPhoto.
    • Check out which style has been selling the most after a month.
    • When you know which 5 types sell the most, then upload 50-100 pictures a day within these photo types.
    • Do series for minimizing your work. Example go to a farm shoot a lot of pictures of many different animals in different situations. Shoot at least 1000 pictures on a photo shoot like that. Then upload the 200-300 best to iStockPhoto.

The photos that wasn’t accepted on iStockPhoto could be posted on other Photo Stock sites which requires a little less of the quality. In that way you can get the most of the pictures you take.

Solution 2 – Posters and similar

You could make a serie from the very best pictures you have shot. You create a range of large posters that you can sell. The selling will be done through your own webshop. It would also be possible to create a photo book which could be bought online on Amazon.

Solution 3 – Write a book

You could write books about how to take really good photos. It could be titles as “Beginners guide to photography”, “Advanced guide to photography”, “Getting the most out of your phone camera” and other ideas, only the fantasy is the limit. The books could be sold as e-books on Amazon, iTunes and other online stores. The advantage is that you can be up and running fast, you don’t need much advertisment because Amazon and the other stores will do much of the work for you. You can of course also sell the book online on your own website.

Solution 4 – Branding yourself

You could also brand yourself and your skills through Instagram,. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social medias. You can do that by posting new really good pictures regularly on one or more social medias. This will brand your name and by that get your name more and more famous. This fame could be used for selling books, pictures, making courses, getting paid for taking pictures and so on.

There are of course many other ways to earn money on pictures, but I do hope that the four solutions has inspired you about earning money on pictures. You could actually use the same four solutions on videos as well with some minor changes.

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