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The new big thing from Google is Authorrank, and it is understandable why it is introduced. I think the introduction of authorrank will change everything! Why? because content will be king again, more than ever, there is a lot of auto generated content on the Internet today, this will make auto generated content less important. Real well written content will be more important.

What is Authorship/Authorrank?
An author is a person who has created some kind of content. The new thing is that you can tell Google who the author of the content is. This is done very easy with this example “”.  The URL is for my Google+ profile, rel=author tells Google that it’s an author link, and “Peter Vejrum Terp” is my name

The author also need to indicate in his/hers Google+ profile that the profile is author on a given domain.

When an article, blog, comment or other content is tagged with the Author info, Google know who has written the article. If the article is “valuable” the Author will get some “juice”. Value for the author is a little more complex than just writing a good article, it’s also about having content on different pages, high ranking pages will give more than low ranking pages, many G+ indications is good and so forth.

What does it all mean?
It can be a little difficult to explain the full influence of this tag – I actually think it’s better explained with an example.

You have an employee who is blogging for you. She i Is tagged as author in Google, and writes really good material, which you are very happy about. Suddenly one day some other company discovers how good a blogger she is, and hires her. You are of course sad about the fact you have lost a really good employee, and afraid of what will happen to your blogs juice when she is gone.

She has great author credibility both in the real world, but also at her profile at Google+ which led some link juice to your homepage. You are of course sad about loosing credibility as a person,  but still, you have a good relationship with her and the previous posts still on your blog. What will happen to the Goole author credibility?

  • She will still have the same credibility on her Google+ account.
  • Everyone who has posts and other content from her will gain some of her juice. That will also happen after she has stopped working for you.
  • If her blog posts on your blog somehow gets shared, refered to, and similar from other sites, then your blog of course will gain in juice value. It will also give your old blogger some juice value.
  • When she blogs a good post on another webpage, and this good blog post gains a lot of traffic, and thereby gains juice value for her profile and for the company she works for now. This will also impact your homepage. Because her author profiles webjuice will be spread out to everyone who has posts from her. How much juice you will gain by that – only Google knows, but there will be some juice gained.

How do I do it?
I think Jonathan Russell on G has written 6 easy steps, that you can use.

Six Steps to start building your AuthorRank today:

1. Create genuine Google+ profiles for you and individuals within your company. Google’s emphasis is currently focussed on individuals as publishers of content.

2. Enhance your search results by Implementing the rel=author tag and verifying authorship of your content by associating it with your Google+ profile.

3. Build your circles on Google+ and share/interact on a regular basis.

4. Write regularly across several sites to build your reputation in your industry.

5. Make it easier for Google to validate your identity by linking to all of your social media accounts.

6. Ensure that your published content references you as the author and link back to your verified Google profile.

Read more:

The reason why Google is doing this?
Google want’s there search results to be as accurate as possible, and thereby giving the best user experience for the user. Google is of course not all good, and they benefit from search results which is as good as possible.

  • Better result, better click through rates.
  • Better results keeps the competitors on a distance.
  • Results without spam content – gives Google a better possibility to make people invest in AdWords, which will gain profits for Google.
  • The better content on a page where Google AdSense is present, the better conversion on the Ads.

There are lots of reasons for Google to do this, this was just a few of them. This was just to let you know that Google is definetly also doing this to get more profit.

Your opinon
It might seem like a very small thing to put Google+ author tagging on the articles, blogs, forum and other content heavy pages on your website.  The tagging is simple to implement, that’s for sure, but the way it might influence your whole business might not be that clear. I think it can be one of the biggest thing happening on the Internet, but still it leads to new questions

What is opinon about the “new” Authorrank?
Will it make a big difference?

Publisher (Added december 2012)
Publisher is another tag which has been around for some time by Google. Just to clear out what publisher and author is in relation to each other, i have made this small note.

A publisher is like a book publisher, it can consist of many authors. A publishers rank will be scored by the amount of authors and the authors score.

Example if an Publisher has Eva (authorrank 2), Martin (authorrank 1) and Susan (authorrank 1.5) as authors, then the publisher will gain publisherrank cosisting of Evas rank + Martins rank + Susans rank = 4.5 in ranking. This example is just to illustrate the idea, not exact science.

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