How will Social Media change the world?

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Social Medias is everywhere, I use it everyday and many people do the same. Facebook has around 900 millioner users and still growing, Twitter and other social medias also has an increasing number of users. Is it just a social media bubble we are facing like the Internet bubble in 2000?

I think we are only starting to know social medias, and that we will see a lot more in the future. We haven’t seen the possibilities in Social Crowds and what a crowd can do. My lovely wife for instance has a Facebook page called “Slip Angsten” (A FB group about axiety) and also has a homepage called the same. The homepage and the FB group is all about people helping each other, people talk about there anxiety and share knowledge – in the end it helps everybody. This is only one group and one homepage in Little Denmark.

What would happen if example a large social crowd had the right tools to share knowledge and science about example Cancer. Would it be possible to solve some of the major issues that scientist, doctors and a like is having such a hard time solving? After all there are many many more people who has a reason to share, help and participate in the right social tool than there are scientist and doctors. You might think that Doctors, professors and a like is much vicer – that might be the case. BUT! If you example take a look at Wikipedia, a large amount of people knows a lot together, and many brilliant ideas was developed by people like you and me, who just found a great solution on a problem.

I think the world will change with social media, there will be great tools out there – and those tools will probably make it possible to solve some of the worlds major problems in new ways. Bbest of all – we all help each other doing it 🙂

Whats your opinon on the issue?

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