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The generation Y – people who was born just before 2000 has a different approch to medias than than other generations, this will change the way we look on medias in the future. In this article I discuss what I think will lay within a near future.

Tags – Meta information

Today most of us know what a hastag is, it is used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other social medias. We use it to indicate what a image or other content is about. Example if I shoot a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and share it on Instagram, I might tag it with following tags #travel #eiffeltower #paris #france this indicates that the picture was taken on a trip to France and that the picture is of the Eiffel Tower. I might even tag it with @lisekryger which indicates that I was together with Lise Kryger. Many might think it is a disturbing element, but many also think that is is a good thing. The tagging kind of indicates meta information about the content which makes it searchable.

I think that tagging can be taken to a much larger level. Imagine that you tagged everything that you wanted to save or share. I read an article in the “New York Times” on my Mobile, I bookmark it because I didn’t finish reading it or because I just wanted to read it again. Today that is possible, but if then also tagged the bookmark and made it available in the clouds (the last part is actually also possible today). If it also was possible to do the same on Youtube on my tablet, on my Apple TV when I viewed a Podcast and on my Kindle when I was reading a book. Now imagine that all of these bookmarks were tagged and connected to you a place where they all were central placed. Suddenly you had a lot of information which is connected. All this connected information can be useful in many different cases. Example you are researching some kind of subject, either for fun or business related. Suddenly everything you have found interesting is easy to find again. Another thing that these information could be useful for could be artificial intelligence which can resonate what you would like to get more information about, this intelligence could suggest links, articles, podcast among a lot of other stuff.


As you probably already noticed, I spoke about bookmarking and tagging on different medias. I think it is very important to make bookmarking and tagging transparent to the media. Most of us is several different medias during a day. Here is a day as it could be for me:

  • I get up early in the morning check my email on my iPhone / Tags the interesting emails
  • While sitting in the bus I check out the newspapers, Twitter and Facebook on my iPhone / Tagging the most interesting articles and posts
  • Takes the train, turns on my Laptop and do some research in the train I check for videos on YouTube, reads articles and participate in forums. / Bookmark posts, websites and tags different posts and articles
  • Jumps of the train and start walking to work, take some headphones on and hear a PodCast / Bookmarks a couple of places in the podcast
  • Get to work – work on a different computer / Bookmarks and tags different websites
  • Going home again in the train, reading a little on my Kindl, bookmarking and making notes
  • In the bus i listen to a audiobook on my iPhone using Audible, creating bookmarks while listening
  • Get home and relax on the couch with my son, while is looking on the teli I look on my Tablet, bookmarking and rating again
  • After my son has gone to bed, I might use my laptop for some research, again bookmarking and rating.
  • Looking a bit on social medias, bookmarking and rating content on the media

This is of course in the extreme – but it could quit easy be a day for me if I was hooked on a research task. As you see I work on many different medias on many different ways during that day. If it was possible to make everything connected to the same account, then it would be easy to go from one media to the other with everything targeted and streamlined for me. Some of this is already possible, you can bookmark on your tablet, mobile, laptop and desktop computers web-browser if you use Google Chrome on all of the medias, then the bookmark will be available on the different medias. If all that I have mentioned in the listing above was connected my day would be easier in many ways, and probably more scary too 🙂 Transparency is important in the future no doubt about it, Google, Apple and others also know this and there will be a lot more of this in the future.


Social medias are here and they are here to stay, they will only grow bigger, it might be that Facebook will loose market shares to other Social medias, but all in all Social Medias will grow. Social medias is actually not that new as you might expect, I for example made a Backpacker homepage back in 1999 with a lot of the same features that many of the Social Medias have, Social Medias has just become more mature and more common. Most of us love Social Medias, we love to hear gossip about our friends on Facebook, we love to mingle with others on Twitter, we have our business connections on LinkedIn. Google+ and we use Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest for pictures etc. It is a part of the daily live, we love to share and we love to listen to what our friends and the professionals have to say about different topics.

There is actually nothing new in that, we have always loved to hear what our friends were saying, and what experts were saying. We expect that our friends tells us the truth and we believe that if they say a thing is good or bad they might be right. Or I should rather say I believe

Summarizing it all up

Well – that was a lot about what I think the future will bring and how it will benefit us. Summarizing it all then I think we will get the following benefits in the future:

  • A more coherent online daily life
  • Much more tailored use of “Internet”
  • Your social relationships gives you added value in everyday life

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