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In this short article I will like to share how I have optimised my work day and at the same time limited the stress of my workday.

It’s all about elimination, not about working harder!!!

Many leaders talk about working harder and running faster. I think that is a bad way to increase the through put on a workday.

Here is some minor changes I have made to optimise my day:

  1. Unsubscribe the newsletters that you deletes everyday. I removed 15-30 min. of my mail reading by doiug this.
  2. Stop reading mails constantly. Limit the mail reading to one or two times a day (Still working on that one)
  3. Limit the meetings! Short agenda and a very limited time (5-15 min) – no time to all the talk about nothing.
  4. Bulk tasks! Example: You create a status report every day with som numbers and statistics, it takes 30min. to create it. If I only do it once a week and do all the numbers for all days at the same time, I can finish all the work for a whole week in only 1 hour. Why? Because when you bulk a task, then you elimiate a lot of “grease” (it takes time to start a task, write a mail, end a task and so on).
  5. Understand the ideas of the project/task. It might very well be that the “customer” want something, but when you start looking at the project, you experience that a very small part of the project (typical 20%) will take 80% of the time. Remove those 20% if possible, in most cases those 20% doesn’t give back the effort.
  6. Create a short priority list, and do follow it. Only 3 “Must do tasks” a day! The rest has to be a lower priority!
Hmm actually I’m still working on all those! Some of them is easier to get into than others. For me 2 and 5 is the hardest!

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