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Below you will find some of the projects I have been working on. The list contains a few of the projects, there has been many many more during the years.

Marketing automation with ELOQUA 2014 – ?
The last 5 years or so I have been a part of a Online Marketing team on Travelmarket. In 2014 we started working on Marketing Automation, where we have choosen to work with ELOQUA (Oracle Product). My part of this has been on all the technical matters – programming (api connection to existing software), usage of the tool, consulting about the possibilities in ELOQUA.

Back into Google 2012 -2014

There was a huge drop on visitors on a large website coursed be a penalty from Google. Me and the team I worked with have had a long hard time on 2 years where we have managed to get the webpage back in Google. The website now has more traffic than it has ever had. My role has been on the technical parts (programming, project management) and sparring on what to do next in a more overall perspective.

Converting Backpackerplanet to WordPress (Backpackerplanet – 2014)

At the moment I have started converting Backpackerplanet to WordPress (CMS System written in PHP and MySQL database), that is done with the two other founders of Backpackerplanet. My contribution will particulary be development of plugins, converting data. I will of course also do a lot of manual stuff like setting up articles, making things work as they should work – just like the other two founders.

We have finished converting the blog part which contains articles from Backpacker Planet you find that on Backpacker Planets blog.

We are working on the rest of the page – we expect that to be finished in the first quarter of 2015.

Going mobile (Travelmarket – 2010)

In 2010 Travelmarket decided that it had to go mobile. A small group was setup with me as project manager. The group had to describe the needs, create APIs and keep contact to the company who should create our applications (Responsfabrikken) . The development was out sourced to Responsfabrikken who has large experience with Mobile development in Denmark. The project ended up with an iPhone APP, Android APP and a mobile Website.

Travel Search Engine for flights (Travelmarket – 2007)

I  have made the first 2 versions of Travelmarkets Travel Search Engine for flights. I made a large part of the idea development, description of the project and most of the programming for the first relase. After the first release, two more programmers was put on the project and five out sourced resources in Ukraine was attached to the project. In the later part of the project my main focus was project management and idea development. .In the later part of the project, my main focus was project management and idea development. Today the Flight Search Engine is passed to an other team at Travelmarket

CMS Building stones (Travelmarket – 2002)

I have been one of the idea men, architects on Travelmarkets CMS Module system, when it was created back in 2002. Travelmarket still uses this core system for most of the applications created at Travelmarket – and we still expand and maintain the system.

First WAP / Mobile travel site in Scandinavia (Backpackerplanet – 2000)

In my own small company Backpackerplanet (called Backpackers-Online back in 2000), I made the first travel related WAP website in Scandinavia. It was made with ASP and Access.


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