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Backpacker Planet – new blog

Written by Peter Vejrum Terp on . Posted in Peters Blog

Backpacker Planet is a website that I started back in 2003 with two friends. The website is about travelling as a backpacker, where backpackers can help each other and where we (me and my friends) share knowledge and experiences from our own trips around the world. The website exists in Danish and English at the moment, but the Danish version is the most active.

Recently we created a blog version of the Danish version of Backpacker Planet. This blog version of Backpacker Planet is in a new fresh design and is targeted backpackers who seek knowledge and travel experiences. On the blog backpackers will find a lot of information from our trips around the world and other bloggers trips, backpackers will also find factual information about different countries, cities and even guides to things like “How to pack your backpack”.

No food in the plane

Written by Peter Vejrum Terp on . Posted in Peters Blog

Why do we need food on board the planes?

Most likely the food is boring and distasteful, and it’s really hard to eat this food on the small amount of space in the plane. Very often the trip is only 1 – 4 hours, so why do we need food on this trip?

I really don’t know, but the reason might be in the history of travelling with plane. In the beginning a trip in a plane was a very exclusive thing to do, and that contained food and drinks.

But by know I would say that travelling with a plane is very common and available for nearly anybody. In Denmark where I come from it’s cheaper to fly to London from Billund in Denmark, than travelling from Billund to Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark) in train. That tells you something about the flying prices and how common it is to fly.

My suggestion is as follows:

  • Make it possible to choose no to the food
  • For everybody who chooses no! To the food, let the money, which should have beeen spend on the food, go to a bigger purpose.
  • The money could be spend on clean drinking water and food to people who really needs it.

Thats just my stones by now 🙂 first blog contribution created.

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