The media change of TV and Computers

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Last night when me and my lovely wife was talking, we came around the subject TV and computers.

For some years ago the TV was a source to knowledge for both of us. We were both often watching TV which included some kind of knowledge, like Animal Planet, History Channel, Discovery and so on. The computer was mainly used for entertainment like games and similar. The TV had a larger place in my life than today, and the computer was primarily for entertainment or work.

This has actually changed in the last couple of years, today the TV is used for entertainment in our home. We often draw back to the couch to watch some entertainment TV, just to get a little relaxed in the buzzing head.
The computer (and iPhone, and similar) is now used for getting knowledge, working and doing all kind of stuff, but it’s actually rarely used for entertaining games.

Does TV have a future for me? It might still have a place in my home, but it has definitely become a lot less than in the past. There is one funny thing – I find it a lot easier to watch TV just for the entertainment, than using my computer for entertainment. When I use my computer I need to decide what to do on it. When I watch TV I just take a round trip on the channels and stuck on one of the channels.

This is just some thoughts about how the media changes at the moment.

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