World economy version 2.0

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We are right in the middle off a huge worldwide financial crises – the banks won’t lend money out – or at least they won’t lend me money and many others. That is money for great ideas for a new business, money to a house (if you haven’t got one you can sell) or money for something different.

The world has been hit by the banks as I see it. It’s ofcourse not only the banks who have made the crises, but the banks is one large reason for why it has hit so hard. Many businesses in Denmark and other countries has a really good business, with a good benefit – but might need some money to expand. Thats not possible or at least as easy as it should be. That makes the world economy stop, and good businesses becomes a not so good business as it should be.

I think the world needs a new economy a version 2.0 – a social economy. That could be something like the great idea of Micro Loans in a large scale for bigger businesses. A version 2.0 where you are not hooked up on one company (bank) economy, but where you get the money from lots of different private people who only expect little in return or even nothing in return. Of course we have the stock shares and stuff like that, but thats not what I have in mind. It should be small loans…

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